Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Music Alphabet Monsters - Free Download

As your new students learn and review the letters of the music alphabet, they will love getting help from these adorable monsters! These cards are appropriate for a single student, small group, group class, music classroom, music camp, or even the non-music setting. Download includes 4 different sets of music alphabet cards (a set of green monsters, a set of yellow monsters, a set of blue monsters, and a set of pink monsters), and a black/white line art set, plus 4 pages of game ideas and photos. Read more below, and you can find the download link at the bottom of this post. Hope your kiddos enjoy! :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Guest Post: "Why Music? Because Music Works." by Darcy Hill

Today's guest post is written by Darcy Hill of One Arts Infusion Collaborative. Many thanks to Darcy for submitting this article! 

They were from the far east side of town, and we were from the far west.  Our lives, our experiences, and our schedules were worlds apart despite the few miles that separated us. It’s not that we couldn’t have been friends; it’s just that our paths would never have crossed. That is, until “The Project,” that cast us all on the same team, transitioned from dream to enactment. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Easy Recital Prep and Gift Idea for Students

This tremendously popular post has had a huge makeover and is now at my new blog at MelodyPayne.com! Click here to read the new post. 

The trending question of the past few weeks, it seems, is "What gift should I give my students after the recital?"

Here's a fun and simple idea that is easy to implement, very affordable, and looks amazing. This is the first time I've given a gift like this, and I'm so pleased with the final result. Drum roll please...

Ta-Da! I was so excited to give all of my students a personalized wordle/word cloud art gift at our spring recital in May! 

Here's how I made this. First, I asked all of my students at group class a couple of weeks ago to write down 15 words that describe themselves, but didn't tell them why, then I took those 15 words, added their name, the year, and their recital pieces and composers, and added the information to a form at www.tagul.com to create their gifts. I was able to upload the fonts I wanted to use, even though they had a ton of different fonts from which to choose. The font choices in this gift match the fonts I'm using in our recital programs and certificates (see below), and I love how they turned out. The colors are personalized for each student - favorite colors, college team colors, etc. The color options are endless, and the shapes, in this case eighth notes, are fun to experiment with. I printed the gifts onto glossy photo paper, framed them in cute 5x7 frames from The Dollar Tree (only $1 each), and my students LOVED them!

After creating all the items I needed for my own studio recital, including invitations, programs, and certificates of participation, I created and uploaded a piano recital kit of editable recital templates that is available for purchase in my store. Click here to see the different recital kits that are available. Follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers to be the first to know when new products are available! Here are our recital programs, invitations, and certificates. They contain the same fonts used in the gifts above, so everything for the recital was coordinated perfectly. This particular Piano Recital Kit contains templates for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Recitals, so it can be used year-round, and new designs are now available! 


In addition to the certificates of participation above, I also gave some fun certificates to my students for accomplishing various goals and improving in specific areas throughout the year. You can purchase the entire set of editable certificates here! There are full color and black and white versions, and there are 63 different awards in each pack. With this huge pack of certificates, you'll be able to give tons of fun awards that your students will love. There are also templates in 3 designs that you can personalize for your students with awards that are specific to your own studio. 

I hope these ideas make your recital planning and prep much easier, and will give you more time to focus on preparing your students instead of having to spend so much time thinking of ideas for fun gifts, programs, invitations, and certificates! Happy Recital! :)

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Learn to Teach Pop Piano with PianoFlix

One of your students enters your studio for his lesson and places a piece of sheet music on the music rack of your piano. He says he wants to learn to play it for the school talent show (only 3 weeks away!), and you become a little nervous because that particular student isn't known for learning music quickly. You lean in for a closer look and notice a piece of pop music. You panic. Why? Because your training is in classical music and you have no idea what to do next!

Panic no longer, friends, because help is on the way! You may have heard about a fabulous new course by Tim Topham, one of our foremost international authorities on teaching pop piano music, and the course is called PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Piano.