Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Got Skype? Got 90 Minutes? Grow Your Online Teaching Skills This Summer!

Do online music lessons seem a bit daunting? Do you know what equipment and technology you need to teach a successful online lesson? Do you know how to set up and use your equipment? What about finding students? Or getting paid? Or setting up your policy? Or knowing which activities can be successful in an online lesson? Are there specific teaching tips you should use for online lessons? How about pros and cons of online teaching? Or troubleshooting when something goes wrong?

Do you ever think, "I could never teach on Skype because I'm afraid of using technology during piano lessons" or "I wish I could stop teaching so many makeup lessons", or "I'm moving soon and I don't want to leave all of my students behind!" or "I wish I had more students" .... then I can help!

Put your fears behind you and learn to be a successful and confident online teacher with the step-by-step information included in my training video series, "Getting Started with Online Lessons". Learn what equipment you will need, where to purchase it, how to set it up, the pros and cons of online lessons, how to teach an online lesson, and much more in this 85-minute training session. 

The following videos are included (90 minutes total): 

Video 1: Why Online Lessons?
Video 2: Benefits of Online Lessons
Video 3: Basic Setup
Video 4: Enhanced Setup
Video 5: Finding Students
Video 6: A Solid Policy Protects
Video 7: Tips for Teachers
Video 8: Games and Activities
Video 9: Bonus Material

What People Are Saying About this Video Training Series:
"For any teacher wanting to start teaching online lessons or for helpful suggestions for teachers already teaching with this technology, Melody Payne's webinar is chock-full of practical suggestions. I highly recommend it!"
-Dr. Steve Betts, Dean for the College of Humanities, Southern Nazarene University

"The attention to detail and step by step guidance provided was presented in a way that was easily accessible for all who wish to jump into the internet pool and not sink!"

-Takenya Battle

"This webinar was such a blessing! Before watching it, my family just moved several hours away. I was hoping to keep some of my students, but very nervous about trying online lessons. Melody gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed. My lessons have been a huge success and I'm so grateful!"

-Tracy Selle

"I am glad I signed up. The webinar presentation, along with all the helpful links, does provide plenty of detail on how to actually get started, along with the Facebook page too. My very most favorite part was the segment of actual lesson video at the end (the "by ear" game). Thank you. 

-Wade Cottingham

"Dr. Melody Payne's online lesson course is a terrific course for teachers who are thinking about teaching online but have been hesitant to jump in. Melody calms any fears that teachers may be feeling and goes through tips and tricks even including ways to have fun with students online. It is the perfect environment to learn and gain confidence in your online teaching experience."

-Jennifer Foxx, Music Educator Resources

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