Monday, February 2, 2015

Learn to Teach Pop Piano with PianoFlix

One of your students enters your studio for his lesson and places a piece of sheet music on the music rack of your piano. He says he wants to learn to play it for the school talent show (only 3 weeks away!), and you become a little nervous because that particular student isn't known for learning music quickly. You lean in for a closer look and notice a piece of pop music. You panic. Why? Because your training is in classical music and you have no idea what to do next!

Panic no longer, friends, because help is on the way! You may have heard about a fabulous new course by Tim Topham, one of our foremost international authorities on teaching pop piano music, and the course is called PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Piano.

PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Piano is an eight-video series broken down into clear and concise step-by-step instructions that will have you feeling comfortable and confident about teaching pop piano music in no time! I had the pleasure of taking this course recently, and it is well worth the investment. This video series is packed with information, resources, and teaching tips, and there are also a ton of helpful hints, extras, videos, links, and more that will provide you with so many additional ideas to explore!

Here are the topics that are covered in PianoFlix, and you can even watch the first two for free! These titles and descriptions listed below are from the PianoFlix website, which contains some amazing information on this course. You'll definitely want to click any of the links in this article to visit Tim's website. Read the information contained on that page, and I'm sure you'll be hooked on PianoFlix!

Video 1: Before you begin...
Bringing pop into your teaching, pedagogical merits of pop piano, balancing the musical diet, the pop teacher's mindset

Video 2: Pop crash course
Chords and progressions, the amazing HookTheory, circle of fifths, and form and structure {Yes, you can teach all these things within the context of pop piano! What a win-win situation!}

Video 3: Where to find music
Terrific online resources for locating music, using YouTube video tutorials, finding usefulness in guitar tabs

Video 4: You want to play what?!!
What to do in the scenario in this article's opening paragraph, resources, links, videos, teaching and playing by ear, working out what the student wants to play

Video 5: Re-arranging for dummies
What to do if a student asks to play a song that is too hard, making songs playable even when they're too difficult, simplifying left hand patterns

Video 6: Pop that works on piano
The best pop songs for piano, finding the best music to teach, the pop music wiki page, helping students understand that some pop music is better than others

Video 7: Apps and technology
Best apps for teaching pop, demonstrations of using these apps, HookTheory, more tech resources and links

Video 8: Arranging 101
Helping students make their own pop arrangements, arranging ideas, experimenting with styles, and online examples

You can already tell just by reading the titles and brief descriptions of the videos that you're in for a real treat! Even if you know (or feel you know) absolutely nothing about teaching pop piano, there's no reason to fear. Tim starts at the very beginning and presents the information in a logical fashion. You'll also have lifetime access to the videos, so you can go back and review them any time you want! {Can you tell I'm really excited about PianoFlix?}

If you're teaching teens, they'll be asking about learning their favorite pop tunes at some point, so why wait until they ask you? Sign up for this training course, learn how to teach pop music at the piano, and surprise your students with your newly-formed teaching skills!

If you have teens whose motivation might have waned, this would also be a terrific way to encourage them to stay in piano lessons. I think most teens would LOVE to play pop tunes!

In some parts of the world (hi to our friends in the southern hemisphere!), it is summertime, and teachers and students are on holiday. Why not use part of your holiday to take this course, expand your teaching skills, and surprise your students with a fun new way of approaching piano lessons? They'll thank you over and over again.

This would also be a PERFECT topic for a summer camp for your students!

PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Piano is a video series that you'll definitely want to investigate.

Think about the possibilities here... Add pop piano to your teaching repertoire, your teens will share the news with their friends, and you may have new students knocking on your door! Set your studio apart with PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Piano. You'll be so glad you did!

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  1. I watched all the videos and left newly inspired to teach pop. Highly recommend Piano Flix!