Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review of Desirée Scarambone's "Classical Composers: A Home in Your Head for the Musical Masters"

Classical Composers: A Home in Your Head for the Musical Masters is a delightful book by Desirée Scarambone, cleverly illustrated by her husband Dr. Bernardo Scarambone. If you've heard of Memory Palaces, you'll be familiar with how this book is put together and how it helps students remember facts about composers, where they were from, their names, what era they lived in, and more. For students like me, who always had a little difficulty recalling facts such as names and places, this book will be a gold mine of information! By following the suggestions of the author, students will quickly learn about the master composers in a fun and engaging way, and they'll be thirsty for more. 

I won't give too much away in this review because the book is full of many wonderful memory aids, featuring composers in surprising and delightfully quirky situations! 

The way the author presents the years of each era is brilliant, the memory aids are perfect, and I absolutely could not put this book down once I started reading it. The illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to the stories, the mental images the author creates are lively and vivid, and they are perfect for visual learners as well as kids who love listening to stories; they'll be loved and appreciated by all students who are learning about the master composers. Classical Composers: A Home in Your Head for the Musical Masters is required reading in my studio from now on! 

Who can use this book? Everyone! It would be an amazing tool in the studio as well as the classroom, perfect for a music history or composer unit, reviewing for a festival, used in a group music class or music camp, it could correspond with a bulletin board in your classroom or studio, serve as a substitute teacher activity, as a cross-curricular activity in which students could illustrate as they listen to the story, and so much more. 

Classical Composers: A Home in Your Head for the Musical Masters is imaginative, creative, pedagogically sound, and a valuable and amazing resource. Your students will thank you for helping them remember these important and musical facts in a way they never knew was possible. I recommend this book 100%. 

Classical Composers: A Home in Your Head for the Musical Masters is available for Kindle. 

About the author of Classical Composers: A Home in Your Head for the Musical Masters: Desirée Bradford Scarambone is a classically trained pianist with a profound love of teaching.  She is a professional piano teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching students of all levels. 
She earned a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Houston, Texas, where she studied with Ruth Tomfohrde, Timothy Hester and Horacio Gutiérrez, and pursued graduate studies in Piano Pedagogy with Dr. Melody Hanberry Payne at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi.  In the imminent future Desirée plans to begin the pursuit of a Doctorate of Philosophy in Musicology at the University of Kentucky. 
She is a member of The National Federation of Music Clubs, The American College of Musicians, The National Music Teachers Association and The College Music Society.  Desirée has served as an adjudicator for competitions and festivals, and her students have won prizes and honors for their performances. 
Her previous literary projects include the scripts and music for two children’s musicals commissioned and staged by the Blue Barn Theatre in Port Gibson, Mississippi.
Desirée currently lives in the beautiful Blue Grass area of Kentucky with her husband, professional pianist and professor, Dr. Bernardo Scarambone, where they homeschool their three children and teach full time.

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