Friday, July 25, 2014

Review of Nick Ambrosino's "Coffee With Ray"

Review of “Coffee With Ray”
by Nick Ambrosino, reviewed by Melody Payne
“Coffee With Ray” is the story of a piano teacher who has lost his satisfaction in teaching and longs for something more. The piano teacher, Matt, is becoming dragged down by the day-to-day issues that most piano teachers face at some point in their careers: students who don’t practice, who cancel without notice, who have lost their motivation, I’m sure you can relate. During an exceptionally bad day, and through a series of seemingly normal circumstances, Matt met Ray. Throughout their conversations, Ray’s gentle guidance, and Matt’s willingness to learn, Matt slowly overcame his doubts about continuing to teach, gained a new perspective, outlook, and list of priorities, and began to transform into the teacher he needed to become. 
Though the main character in this book is a piano teacher, I think teachers of many different subjects can benefit from the information and ideas Ray leads Matt to discover. I am reminded of my mentor, and the many ways he led me to discover new ways of viewing not only my students, but myself as a teacher. 
Once I began reading this book, I couldn't put it down! Every word jumped off the page with the energy and enthusiasm that made me want to start implementing some of Ray's lessons immediately. I definitely recommend taking a couple of hours from your day to read this book. You positively won't regret it! 
Summer is the perfect time to read this book. If you are doubting your abilities, cringing when certain students enter your studio, need some inspiration and a breath of fresh air, or want to see your students in a different light, this book would be a wonderful addition to your tablet. The book is not only relevant, it is timely, uplifting, and inspiring. 

This delightful and inspiring book can be purchased here. 

Learn more about Coffee With Ray here

About the author, Nick Ambrosino: 

After a long time of being "gently nudged,"  by fellow educators, students, parents, business people and family members, I decided to succumb to their, "You have to put this stuff in a book." anthem.  When I began  to put pen to paper, I thought I would create a textbook.  Ten pages in, I was bored of out my skull writing it and I had the sneaking suspicion that readers would be bored reading it!  "What did I like to read?"  "How did I like to teach?"  Stories, I liked stories that had lessons.  I liked stories because they made the lessons easier to remember.  I liked stories because they had people in them, not just facts.

Read more about Nick and the story of writing Coffee With Ray here

Nick will be writing as a guest on my blog soon, so stay tuned for more of his relevant and inspiring words! 

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