Monday, January 27, 2014

"The Piano Bench Mag" by Karen Gibson: Review and Giveaway

 "The world of piano education is changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest technology and find the best way to connect with, inspire, and motivate this tech-savvy generation of students. The Piano Bench Mag is for piano teachers everywhere who are looking for exciting new resources and inspiration to make their lessons more fun, relevant, and profitable."
      -Karen Gibson, The Piano Bench Mag

The Piano Bench Mag, by Karen Gibson, is a new magazine dedicated to music teaching ideas and resources. It is available in the App Store, and once you subscribe, the magazine is viewable in the Newsstand app. 

Some of my favorite things about this magazine are:

  • I can read it on my iPad, and this helps me to stay organized and clutter-free! 
  • A variety of subscription packages are available. See below for specifics. 
  • It's very affordable!
  • Each issue is dedicated to a specific topic:
    • Games & Music Camps: TONS of information and ideas!
    • Practice: Lots of ways to motivate your students!
    • Technology: My favorite issue so far - ideas galore! 
    • Holiday Ideas: Terrific alternate recital ideas and studio projects, plus a great list of links to holiday songs and worksheets!
  • Each issue contains a short tutorial of how to use the magazine app. This has been very helpful when I want to re-read a specific article or watch one of the video segments again. 
  • Articles are written by many music teachers who have a variety of backgrounds and interests, so there is something in each issue that will appeal to everyone. 
  • There are interviews with experts on specific topics.
  • The magazine contains quite a few app reviews, and I have learned about some great ones that I didn't know about before. 
  • There are many links to resources created by your favorite music bloggers, as well as some that may be less familiar to you, but that you will be glad to learn about.
  • Relevant video clips are included, and your Wi-Fi must be enabled for you to view them.
Subscriptions are available:

  • Single issue
  • 1-month subscription
  • 6-month subscription
  • 12-month subscription (best value!)

Karen has generously offered three of my readers a free 3-month subscription!

To enter, first leave a comment at the bottom of this post and answer the following question:
"What is your favorite way to incorporate your iPad into your lessons and classes?" 

OR if you don't yet have an iPad, you can answer this question instead:
"If you had an iPad, how would you incorporate it into your lessons and classes?"

Then use the Rafflecopter widget to complete your entry! The drawing will take place on Thursday, January 30, and the three winners will be contacted via email with instructions of how to claim their free 3-month subscriptions.

Be sure to like "The Piano Bench Mag" on Facebook to receive updates!

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  1. My students LOVE Flashnote Derby! It's great since I can set it up to be as easy as they need, and increase the challenges little by little.

  2. I use my iPad in lessons all the day long!! I use the app Moosic Studio for attendance and also type in the students assignments and email them to the parents at end of the lesson and printout a copy for the students binder. I also use it for videos and piano games at the end of the lesson and I use it for worksheets with the stylus which saves tons of ink!!!! Whew!!!!!

  3. I allow my music students to play on my iPad while they are waiting for their lesson to begin. They also play a variety of music app games either with me of another student.

  4. Nearing the end of lessons, I sometimes let my students play Piano Dust Buster by JoyTunes. It is so much fun and even has on-staff notes!

  5. I use apps to grab a student's attention! There are such wonderful apps for sight reading, rhythm practice, ear training. Piano Mania is the current favorite in my studio!

  6. I have been slow to incorporate my iPad into lessons, though there are a few apps I use occasionally: Music Flash Class and Note Squish are favorites. I have recently started using Sight Read Plus and the students are enjoying it. I need more time to figure each app out, so it's a slow process. But I would love to check out this magazine for iPad stuff and other cool ideas.

  7. My students love to use Garage Band, My Classical App, and Rhythm Lab during their lab time. But I'd love to learn more about using the iPad myself, and this magazine would be very helpful for learning some games, etc. for our group lessons too!

  8. My students use tenuto, sight reading plus, piano notes pro, rhyth, lab to name a few. But we are always open for more.

  9. I love using it for sight-reading, ear training, composing, and making videos!

  10. The Piano Bench Mag sounds really interesting!

    I use the Google Drive app on my iPad all the time to keep track of my students, as well as to jot down notes of their lessons.

  11. i use my kindle to do the alfred music and little mozart's app

  12. I use a timer ap for games and a metronome ap as well as taking pictures, videos and playing games.
    Lynelle Vogel

  13. I've just started using Flashnote Derby with my students and they love it! I also put the accompaniment CDs for lesson books onto the iPad so I can pull up the tracks quickly and don't have to fumble around with actual CDs.

  14. My students enjoy the Dr. Seuss app. Trying in use the IPad more during computer lab time.

  15. I'm just starting to incorporate iPad games into my lessons. This will be a fun way to extend the lesson to learning at home as well...

  16. I love using apps to reinforce whatever we have been learning that lesson. Lately we have been enjoying Piano Mania and Freddie the Frog.

  17. So far I just have an android, but my students have love playing rhythm sheep.I also like being able to easily video their songs so they can watch/listen to themselves play and discover on their own what needs improvement.

  18. I have not seen this app before, but it looks like a fun, useful app for a piano teacher.