Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Ideas for Music Students

Some years it is more difficult to decide on Christmas gifts for my students than for anyone else! This was NOT one of those years :) There are so many possibilities. Ornaments, personalized recital videos, gift cards, and treats are some of the things I have given in the past. This year, I decided that I would make a favorite treat that friends and I have shared for years: Puppy Chow!

Puppy Chow? Wait a minute, what's that? Puppy Chow is basically Crispix cereal covered in melted chocolate and peanut butter, then covered in powdered sugar. It really looks quite similar to the food we feed to small puppies, and that's what's so much fun about it! Plus, it is delicious!

I made a double batch yesterday, purchased some adorable clip art graphics, and made these. I'm giddy about how cute they are :)

Drum roll please…


The front of the treat bag toppers says Merry Christmas and the back says Puppy Chow. I filled a cellophane treat bag with Puppy Chow goodness, stapled the toppers on, and here's the result. Hope my students like them!

I also made some Cookies 'n Cream Fudge for some friends of ours, and here's what the finished product looks like. The front of the treat bag toppers says Merry Christmas and the back says Cookies 'n Cream Fudge. I can't wait to put these in the mail! 

Please enjoy these free sets of treat bag toppers. Merry Christmas from The Plucky Pianista!

Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download your own set of toppers. Toppers with the names of the treat + Merry Christmas are included, as well as blank toppers. The links are below. Hope you enjoy :)

I've also added three additional treat bag toppers to my store. They're free as well! 

I'd love it if you leave some feedback after you download the toppers. Thanks so much!

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