Friday, September 13, 2013

Time for a Friday Freebie!

The Friday Freebie for this week has expired. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it! You can still purchase this fun game in the store, and I hope your students have a blast every time they play it! 

"Friday Freebie" is a brand new series on The Plucky Pianista blog. Starting today, and on many Fridays in the future, check here to see what item in the store is being offered for free! Just for one day, until Saturday at noon, Eastern Time, you can get this fun game of "I Have...Who Has?" in the store! Hurry though, because the 24 hours will pass by quickly. Click the image below to visit the store, then click the link to access the Friday Freebie. It takes a minute to upload, so your patience is appreciated :) I hope you enjoy!

Engage your students in the classroom or group lesson with this musical symbols version of the popular "I Have...Who Has?" game. Review 38 musical symbols in a hands-on way, increase your students' retention of musical symbol names, and have fun at the same time!
The 38 symbols in this game include note values, rhythm values, piano keys, dynamics, accidentals, and parts of the grand staff.


  1. I LOVE it ... what a fun game!!!! I can hardly wait to try this with my students!!! They are going to love it. GREAT interactive game with a group, too! I see LOT of potential for this game. Thanks for the freebie!!!

  2. You're welcome! Thank YOU so much! I hope your students enjoy it each time they play it :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I will be using at my next Group Class the beginning of October!!

  4. My pleasure, everyone! I hope you and your students have a ton of fun with this game :)