Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Practice Stache

Most days, I really believe my students are truly learning and understanding what it means to practice. Some days, I'm not so sure :)

As we approach a new year of piano lessons, new ideas, new resources, and new students, I wanted to devise a way to encourage my students to try different ways of practicing, using creativity as well as specific and general goals, rather than the "same old, same old" way during each practice session that some of them tend to do.

I wanted to create a collection of my favorite practice tips and make it into something that could be used as a game. My solution to this was to create a collection of separate practice cards that students could use during practice sessions. Once the idea solidified, I tried out a few different names, including "My Practice Pack" and "My Practice Jar". Those names just didn't quite click, so I decided to call it "My Practice Stache", complete with a mustache :)

Assembly is required, but it doesn't take too long. The PDF contains 52 practice tips on separate cards that should be cut out, a template for a box in which to store the cards, and instructions for assembly.

If you're looking for a unique way to encourage creativity during your students' practice sessions, maybe they need their own Practice Stache! This deck of cards can be used in TONS of ways, so feel free to post your favorite ideas below. Make My Practice Stache the thing you can't live without during the upcoming year. Click here to purchase a copy of My Practice Stache for your students!


  1. Hi Melody,

    I bought this & look forward to using it with my students!

    One question: do you send it home with students (i.e. one card / a few cards every week) and then have them bring the card(s) back and switch them up?

  2. Hi Leia, thank you so much! It really depends on the student. I always practice the tip during the lesson so they understand what I want them to do at home. At first I'll usually send home a card or two, then gradually add another and another. Eventually, the goal is for each student to have several go-to practice ideas, but it's always fun to have the entire deck of cards from which to choose! Whatever works best for each individual student is what I do. Hope they enjoy the Practice Stache!