Monday, July 15, 2013

Monster Melodies

introducing a brand new sight-reading adventure...

This exciting version of Monster Melodies contains 32 two-measure sight-reading flash cards that correspond to 16 all-new four-measure sight-reading examples (8 pages) that are to be played on groups of 3 black keys. Students should sight-read from the flash cards prior to sight-reading the full examples. Flash cards are color-coded to match the full example page from which they are derived.

Print the monster flash cards onto card stock and cut out the cards. Print the full examples or have the student sight-read them directly from your iPad or laptop. Choose which monster set of cards and sight-reading examples the student should play (green monster, pink monster, etc.). Student draws a card, then sight-reads the two-measure melody. After student has sight-read the melodies from the flash cards, he is ready to sight-read the full examples. 

A free page of flash cards is included below, and if you would like to receive the corresponding sight-reading page, visit my Facebook page and click the "Free Stuff" tab. 

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Happy sight-reading!

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