Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guest Post: "Teach Kids to Create Their Own Mystery Song" by Kristin from EarTrainingandImprov.com

This week I'm taking some time away from blogging and teaching to rest and spend some time with my hubby, who is off work this week. No, we're not vacationing - unless overhauling our landscaping sounds like a vacation! :) 

In my absence, Kristin from EarTrainingandImprov.com will be sharing with you. If you haven't visited her blog, take some time to look around. She has shared some fun activities and games for piano students, and I'm sure you'll find many things you and your students will enjoy. Welcome to The Plucky Pianista blog, Kristin!

Kids love composing their own songs on the piano. And teachers love composition because it helps kids apply the theory they’re learning, allows them to express their creativity, and keeps them excited about studying the piano with you.
In this fun tutorial, you’ll learn a simple formula you can teach to your students to get them creating their own mystery song.
How to Create a Mystery Song on the Piano
Refer to the diagrams and instructions below to learn the formula. Play an example for your student and then show him or her how to get started.
Your students will be extra excited about this activity if you take a moment to help them imagine a mystery story. Is someone or something missing? Where should you go to look for clues? Imaginations run wild when you set the stage like this and that creates fertile ground for a fantastic musical composition.
Step 1: Learn the left hand. Locate the highlighted keys and play them in descending order.

Step 2: Improvise the Right Hand. Once you can play the left hand in a steady rhythm, add in the right hand. You can improvise using any of the highlighted keys in any order. Watch the video for an example.

This piano improv activity for kids also makes a great duet that’s fun and easy for little kids. You play the left hand and show your young child which keys he can use to improvise the right hand. Later switch and show him how to play the left hand by itself in a slow and steady mystery rhythm. 
Click play to see an example

Piano improv is easy when you know the formulas. For more tips on teaching kids how to create their own music, visit EarTrainingandImprov.com.

Kristin is a piano teacher who specializes in teaching children how to create their own music. Kristin is supported by a wonderful husband and darling toddler boy, who will hopefully soon be making music too! See Kristin's music teaching tips at EarTrainingandImprov.com.

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  1. I love her blog and this is such a fab idea!