Thursday, June 6, 2013

Using the SignEasy App in the Piano Studio

It's that time of year when piano teachers across the globe are updating studio policies, trying new ways of doing things, and incorporating new technological devices and apps into their studios. I am no exception! Today I want to share with you something I have recently started doing that makes my studio more organized and a bit more digital.

When my new website at was completed earlier this year, I switched from paper enrollment forms to online enrollment forms. (My current K-12 enrollment form is located here.)

It occurred to me that I could also do the same with my studio policy and signature page after I upgraded to an iPhone! Now my studio policy is located on my website, and I found a simple way to digitize the Terms and Conditions page that parents and adult students sign as the final step in completing the enrollment process. 

I found the SignEasy app at the Apple App Store (it's also available for Android and Blackberry devices), and once I learned to use it, was extremely pleased with the results. The Basic version (free) does everything I need it to do, and though it includes ads, they don't interfere with using the app at all. Other versions are available for purchase:  Premium is $19.99 per year and includes unlimited signatures, and Pay-As-You-Go includes 10 documents for $3.99.

I use SignEasy for iPhone, so the images may differ if you are using another device.

The first image is the page you see when you open the app. You can see that I have the Basic account, and I have 2 signatures available within my free version of the app. Tap "My Documents" and you are taken to the next page. 

You can see that I have added the document "T & C Form" and "Terms and Conditions Signature Page". They are the same document, saved with two different names. The SignEasy app comes with a demo document as well. Below, you can see my original documents (I really only need one of them to use as an original document) and my signed documents (each document that is signed is saved as a new document in the app). From this page you can add new documents, or edit documents you have already created by deleting them, emailing them, or uploading them to cloud storage.

Return to the Documents page to add a new document (many forms of documents are supported, but I prefer PDF), or select a document you have already added. Here is my Terms and Conditions page that I created and uploaded already. Tap the blue Sign button to add a signature.

If you are using a smartphone, adjust the location of your document to be sure your document looks something like this prior to going to the signature screen, with all blank elements visible. This will make it much easier to place the signature, date, and printed name after creating and saving them.

Tap the image of the pen (top right) and then select your action based on whether you want to add a signature, initials, the date, text, checkbox, or an image. I selected signature.


After you select the appropriate signature option (you may choose "My Signature", "Signature of 2nd Person", and/or "Signature of 3rd Person". I chose "Signature of 2nd Person"), you are taken to a screen where you have the parent sign your document. Sign slowly so the entire signature is visible on the screen. If the signature does not look the way you want it to look, tap the Erase button and try again. You can adjust the size of the signature by using the slider below the signature. I used my finger/fingernail to sign this example page, but I plan to purchase a stylus to make it easier for people who are not accustomed to using a smartphone or tablet. Tap Save to save the signature. 

To complete the document, I need to add the signature, printed name, and date. I used Text for the printed name and Date for the date. Then I placed them in the correct locations in my original document. 

Once my document is complete, I tap Finish, and the screen below pops up.

I clicked Yes, and then my entire document is visible, ready to share, upload to cloud storage, email, etc.

I show the final document to the parent, then I save it as a PDF to their private Google Drive folder, which I create for them as part of the enrollment process. That way, we both have access to the signed form, I have less paperwork to find a place for in my studio, and I feel much more organized!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the company SignEasy. I simply wanted to share with you what I have learned about using this app! Click the SignEasy logo below or the SignEasy image at the top of this page to visit their website to learn more. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent app! I will certainly try it out.

  2. What a great app! This is going to make studio organization so much simpler! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks, Leia and Dana! It certainly has helped me with organization this spring, and I hope it can be a help to others as well. Thanks for reading!