Thursday, June 20, 2013

Penguintervals Flash Cards

Looking for a fun way to review intervals with your students? Try Penguintervals flash cards! Nine pages of seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths are included in this adorable set of flash cards, for a total of 54 unique interval cards plus extra pages each containing the intervals in text format. These little blue penguins with intervals on their tummies are the perfect way to review line and space notes, interval recognition, and playing intervals on the piano or other instrument. They could also be used for sight-reading, song-writing, improvisation, matching games, and lots of other ways! The student could place a select number of cards on the music rack and play the intervals one after another as a sight-reading activity or song, or a specific interval could be used repeatedly for an improvisation activity. Students could also use a select number of interval cards, plus the corresponding number of text cards, to play a memory match game. No clef sign is included, so the Penguintervals could be used as either treble or bass clef flash cards. The cover page and a sample page of 2nds and 3rds, as well as a sample page of the interval in text format, are below. 

What are some other ways you could use Penguintervals? Add your comments below! 

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