Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Piano Proficiency Coaching for Music Majors

Summer is here, colleges and universities have completed another academic year, and students are finished with classes, lessons, and finals. Or are they?

Many music majors may be practicing for their piano proficiency exam this summer and plan to take the exam at the beginning of the fall semester prior to student teaching or as a requirement of the university they attend. But what if they need extra help with preparing for the exam, and what if their teacher is not available this summer? Piano Proficiency Coaching for Music Majors is exactly what they need! If you are a music major or know of someone who is, then read on! 

Piano Proficiency Coaching is a way for college music majors to enhance their piano skills through energizing live coaching sessions with a professional musician via Skype™. Each session is tailored to help you work towards completing the individual piano proficiency requirements of your university.

Why do I need extra help working on my piano proficiency?
1. Do you freeze or go blank when performing the piano proficiency for your university’s music faculty?
2. Do you need extra one-on-one assistance with practicing the elements of the proficiency?
3. Do you need a little extra help to present a polished piano proficiency?
4. Are you too advanced for piano class, and are you working to prepare for the proficiency on your own?
5. Are you struggling to learn each piano proficiency element on your own?

Why should I enroll in coaching?
1. I can help you practice and learn each element of the piano proficiency.
2. I can help you polish your piano proficiency performance skills so that you present a well-prepared and solid proficiency.
3. I can listen to you perform your entire piano proficiency before you perform the real thing for the music faculty and offer tips to ensure that you are successful.
4. I can work with you on your performance skills to give you the skills and confidence you need so that you are much less likely to go blank or have memory lapses
5. I can take you from wherever you are in the learning process to your goal of passing the piano proficiency exam

How much does it cost? 
Each live 30-minute Skype™ session is $35.

How do I get started?
1. Purchase a session by adding this product to your cart and checking out
2. Then send an email to me at to let me know that you have purchased a piano proficiency session. Be sure to include your TpT username in the email, plus the date of purchase. 
3. Include the topics you would like to cover during your session, your goals, how much previous piano study you have had, the requirements of your university's piano proficiency exam, and whether you have passed any elements of the exam.
4. After I receive your email, I will contact you to schedule our Skype™ coaching session.

If you need a little extra help practicing for the piano proficiency, if you are preparing the piano proficiency requirements on your own, if you need assistance with the performance aspect of the piano proficiency, or if you want someone to listen to you perform your entire piano proficiency and help you polish your performance, purchase your first live Skype™ session, and let’s begin!

Interested in purchasing multiple sessions? All you have to do is go to to your "My Purchases" page on TpT and add additional licenses there. You won't be able to purchase an additional session directly from the product page. 

Do you know someone who needs help with the piano proficiency exam? Use the sharing buttons on the left or pin the image below to let them know about this terrific opportunity!

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