Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Referral Prizes for Students - Free Lesson Ticket

I am so excited to announce that my studio is full, at least for the moment! I'm going to take a month or two to get accustomed to my current teaching schedule and will begin adding more students in January. It has been a tremendously exciting couple of months! However, the previous two years living in a new and small rural town required a lot of hard work to build my studio.

This entry is not about all the marketing strategies I used to recruit new students because there are lots of other wonderful blogs out there about that (ComposeCreate, Color in My Piano, Music Matters Blog, and Notable Music Studio just to name a few!). This entry is about the prize I give to my current students for referring new students who enroll for lessons in my studio. The prize is given only when the new student enrolls for lessons. 

Just yesterday I had the privilege of offering this prize to one of my students. She was ecstatic to receive it! Here is what her prize included:

  • A $10 iTunes card
  • A ticket redeemable for one free lesson of the student's choice (duets, jazz, lead sheets, Christmas music, whatever topic the student desires), to be redeemed at a mutually convenient time

The free lesson ticket can be downloaded and printed out for use with your own students. I like to print mine on colored card stock. It fits perfectly in an envelope. I placed the ticket and iTunes card in the envelope and marked it "Special Delivery" and gave it to my student at the end of her lesson yesterday. It was a fun way to end the day!


  1. Very cute, Melody. And congratulations on your full studio! Quick question- is the free piano lesson an "extra" lesson or one of their lessons they normally get that month but just not charged for?

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! It is an extra lesson offered after the term has ended, during the summer, or during a makeup lesson week if the student doesn't need a makeup lesson. Rewarding a student with one free lesson when they have contributed to the long-term growth of my studio is something I absolutely don't mind doing :)