Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Survey: Your Top 5 Elementary Piano Solos of All Time

The past few weeks have been exceptionally busy as I have already been preparing for the start of another wonderful year of teaching. As I have scoured my music collection searching for the perfect materials for each student for this new year, choosing tried-and-true favorites as well as offering new selections to my students, I began to wonder what YOUR favorite piano pieces are: those favorites that suit so many students, that are a blast to perform, that you and your students love, that audiences love to hear, and that, at least for the foreseeable future, will be a staple in your library of student repertoire.

To offer your top 5 elementary piano solos (traditional  repertoire, pedagogical pieces by composers such as Alexander, Bober, etc.), please leave a comment below. Thanks, and check back often to see what others have shared!


  1. Hi Melody, I have been looking for fun solos too. I'm a new teacher, so I still have lots to discover! This year some favorites at my recital were:
    1. "Morning Sunshine," Mary Leaf (a pre-reading solo)
    2. "Dream Echoes," E.L. Lancaster
    3. "Dorian Tarantella," Robert D. Vandall
    4. "Hurry-Scurry," Vandall
    5. "Thumper," Vandall
    The students enjoyed playing them, and they're fun to listen to. I look forward to what others share!

  2. Here are my favorites from this year's recital:

    1. Bunny Hop by Jennifer Linn
    2. Big Green Frog by Carolyn Setliff
    3. Hiccup Song by Martha Mier
    4. Mystery at Blackwater Creek by Martha Mier
    5. Big Black Bear by Carol Matz

  3. Some favorites lately:

    1) Accidental Wizard by Philip Keveren
    2) Tangy Tango by Wendy Stevens
    3) Attack of the Space Trombones by Susan Paradis (available on her website for educational usage!)
    4) Rain Dance by Martha Mier
    5) Japanese Garden by Jennifer Linn

  4. Here are 5 of my favorites which have proven to be student favorites as well:

    (mid-elementary level)
    Monster Truck March, E. Gutierrez
    The Lady & the Dragon, C. Goldston
    Moonlit Shores, K. Massoud

    (late elementary level)
    Classic Sonatina, N. Faber
    Concerto in Chords, D. Glover