Thursday, May 10, 2012

Music Alphabet Mystery - Sneaking UP the Stairs

This week I needed a simpler version of the original Music Alphabet Mystery that didn't sneak down the stairs as well as up them, so here it is!

  • To review stepping up within the music alphabet 
  • To solidify the concept "stepping up = moving forwards in the music alphabet"
  • To have the student say aloud each letter of the music alphabet stepping up 
  • To prepare students for speaking and playing 5-note scales/5-finger patterns
  • This printable sheet
  • Plastic sheet protector
  • Dry erase markers
  • Eraser for dry erase markers
  • Timer if you wish to make this a timed activity for students who are already music alphabet savvy
  • The first page, subtitled "Sneaking Up the Stairs", is appropriate for younger students in the elementary grades
  • The second page, titled "Stepping Up in the Music Alphabet", is appropriate for any age, including adult students
  • Beginners who are working on the music alphabet and stepping up within it
  • Non-beginners who need reinforcement of stepping up within the music alphabet 
  • Print out the sheet you wish to use with your student
  • Laminate it or place it in a plastic sheet protector (I find the glossy ones work best)
  • Give it to the student to complete either within the lesson or at home

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