Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whole Note Discovery

To add to the "Discovery" series of worksheets available on this blog, here is the next installment! Click to view Quarter Note Discovery, Quarter Rest Discovery, and Half Note Discovery. This Whole Note Discovery is a review sheet students can complete after learning about the whole note. You can place it in a plastic sheet protector and use it again and again! As I have mentioned before, my beginners LOVE using dry erase markers :)

  • To review the whole note
  • To review the number of beats in a whole note
  • To review counting a whole note
  • To practice drawing a whole note
  • This printable sheet
  • Plastic sheet protector
  • Dry erase markers (red and blue)
  • Eraser for dry erase markers
  • This sheet was designed with young elementary students in mind, but older students may use it as well.
  • Beginners who have just learned the whole note 
  • Elementary students who need to review the whole note
  • Teenage and adult beginners who need to review the whole note
  • Print this sheet 
  • Laminate it or place it in a plastic sheet protector
  • Give it to the student to complete either within the lesson or at home


  1. These activities are always such a great first step when learning new notes. I will occasionally have my students who are old enough/good enough at spelling to write the name (whole, half, etc) of the notes underneath at well.

    1. Great idea, Stace! I'll have to remember that for next time :)