Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upcycled Ear Plugs Boxes

I have the most unfortunate "gift" of being a very light sleeper. A result of this inability to fall asleep without absolute silence is the purchase of multiple boxes of ear plugs on a regular basis. The boxes are small, plastic, and slightly opaque, and I have always hated throwing them away because there just HAD to be a way to upcycle them! I finally decided what to do with them as soon as they are empty of ear plugs: I use them for storing small flash cards (I printed two pages of the instrument flash cards per sheet of card stock, so they fit very well!), small manipulatives, paper clips, game pieces, stickers, and lots of other things! I also send them home with students when I allow them to borrow different sets of small flash cards that I have created. What are some additional ways they could be used?

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