Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quarter Note Discovery

My youngest student, an adorable and energetic little girl in kindergarten who started lessons February 7, informed me last week that she would rather play games than learn the "songs". Was I surprised? Not really. Of course kids love to play, and they learn best when they are having fun! That challenges me to continue teaching her without really letting her know she is being taught :) Giving activities fun titles, using fun fonts, and letting her use markers and crayons during the lessons are only a few of the things I do with her each week. These small things make a big impact on her desire to come to piano lessons, and they also continue to contribute to her musical education in a way that makes me feel good about what she is learning, but in a way that is super-fun for her! Here is the latest sheet that I made for her to review pre-staff quarter notes for right and left hands. I will place this in a plastic sheet protector, then she can use dry erase markers to complete the sheet during her lesson. She LOVES dry erase markers! Quarter Rest Discovery and Half Note Discovery will be coming soon... Hope you enjoy!

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