Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pin the Tail on the Bunny - Categorizing Musical Instruments

In honor of my best girlfriend and favorite high school band director, Erica! 

For the next couple of weeks in my lessons, I plan to focus on the musical instrument families, studying instruments that my students have probably encountered elsewhere, such as their elementary music classroom, a middle or high school band, their church orchestra, or a local band. Eventually they will be introduced to additional instruments, learning more about the specifics of each family, and learning which instruments belong to the orchestra, band, elementary music classroom, etc., but for now, they will be learning to categorize a few familiar instruments into their families by playing "Pin the Tail on the Bunny". There are several pages to this game, and one or two instrument families could be studied per week. Also, because I don't have a laser printer yet, I created these pages with saving ink in mind, but I've also included a full-color version for those of you who prefer it.

1. Print the pages you need onto card stock. If you are printing the Ink-Saver version, you could use colored card stock for the bunnies if you wish.
2. Cut out the bunny tails and shuffle them so the families are mixed together.
3. Place the four large bunnies on a table, the floor, some chairs, or your piano bench, or you could attach each bunny to a different Easter basket.
4. Give the student the bunny tails, and have him or her place (pin) the instrument (tail) onto the correct instrument family (bunny).
5. After the Easter season has passed, you can continue using the "tails" as neutral game cards, placing them into baskets, buckets, etc., onto which you have labeled each instrument family's name, saving the bunnies and Easter theme for next year.

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