Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Music Alphabet Mystery

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have two young students who just started lessons in February. One is in kindergarten and one is in first grade. We do lots of activities to review their letter names, both forwards and backwards. This week for their lessons, I decided to create a different kind of review for them. The Music Alphabet Mystery offers a series of three letters of the music alphabet, and one is missing. Students must supply the missing letter to solve the mystery!

The first page lists the first two letters in the series, and students must fill in the third letter. The second page omits the second letter of each series, and the third page omits the first letter in each series. Each successive page is slightly more difficult than the previous one, and each page contains a blank box where you (or your students) may write a bonus series. As always, I will place these sheets in a plastic sheet protector and have my students use dry erase markers to complete them. They LOVE writing with dry erase markers. Maybe I could create some milk cap stickers to go with these sheets...

For next week's lessons, I have decided to try a different version of the Music Alphabet Mystery with my students, with all letters going in reverse order! My young students have been working on saying their music alphabet forwards and backwards, and this activity will continue to help them solidify those skills in a slightly different way.

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