Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From the Mouths of Students... "Slurps"

Learning the terminology of musical concepts can be very foreign to elementary-level students, and the words can sound and feel awkward when pronounced for the first time. When one of my kindergarten students was learning about slurs, she decided that they should be called "slurps" instead because "slurps" was so much more fun to say! I must confess, I agreed, so from that day forward, each time she encountered slurs in her pieces, we affectionately referred to them as slurps, with a gentle reminder, smile, and wink, that they are *really* called slurs.

From the mouths of students... Another comment that makes me smile :)


  1. That's hilarious! I also have a student who identified slurs as "slurps"...super cute!

    Love your pretty new blog! I'm looking forward to following your posts.

    1. That's so funny that you have a "slurps" student also :) Thanks so much for your kind words, Anne!