Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt - Very Early Elementary

How many of your students would love going on an Easter egg hunt during their lessons? My elementary students do, and I am always looking for new ways of reviewing musical concepts so that my students (and I!) don't get bored. I have two young students, kindergarten and first grade, who just began lessons in February, and I wanted to give them an Easter activity to do. Here is a printable for my Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for very early elementary students. The first page contains the musical symbols that should be cut out and placed inside of plastic Easter eggs and "hidden" around your studio. The second page contains a list of vocabulary terms that match the symbols in the eggs. I put the second page inside a plastic sheet protector so students could mark out the items as they found the corresponding symbols. I use only about half of the symbols/terms each week for time reasons and for the fact that I can use the same game during multiple lessons with the same student, having them search for only a few of the eggs each week. That way, I can review the same terms during subsequent lessons if the student needs additional review, or I can review "new" symbols each week. I also plan to use some Easter Bunny tracks from Activity Village as "proof" that the Easter Bunny hid some eggs in my studio :) I hope you and your students enjoy.

An Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for elementary students and a blank scavenger hunt template in which you may fill in your own vocabulary terms and symbols will be posted in the next day or two.

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